Our Stories
Participants are taking steps from continuing their education and work, to participating in social life and using technology more actively.

In our sessions, we ask the participants to express themselves and their dreams with their own words and drawings. Getting to know ourselves and each other is an important stage of our sessions. After the program, we talk about how far we have come.

Our participants, along with the memories we made together, leave their drawings, stories and hopes with us.

I always heard of human rights, women's rights, but it seems I didn't really know what they meant. Among all the things I have learned these affected me the most. I want equality, freedom, justice, peace and conscience all over the world. So, I wanted to draw this picture.
I'm 41, I'm a mother of three. I would like to receive education and have a good profession. I would have loved to be a book writer; I know how much trouble I had with reading. Women can do whatever they want.
I have a project called the "Self-Cooking Oven." With this oven you write the food you want from the digital display. The oven prepares the food the way you wanted. This way, I don't have to spend half my day cooking, so I have some time to myself.
My baby's health and wellness are more important than anything else for me... I should be comfortable when I'm spending time with my baby outside. That is why I want a smart baby stroller. So that, I and my baby are always safe...
I have a dream... During the weekends, my husband, my children and I clean the house and prepare the table. Every member of our house works equally when it comes to chores. Then the breakfast we have and the time we spent together would be longer and more enjoyable.