At the end of the program, participants are showing improvement in various areas of life. According to the results of our research, we see the greatest improvement in the following areas:

Children's rights
Communication with children
Communication among family members
Women's rights
Continuing education
Acquiring a profession

After the program, our participants generally make some decisions and take concrete steps. It is possible to observe these visible changes in these graphics.
We monitor the effects of POWER Sessions with various research studies. In each research, we see that participants are able to make positive changes in many areas of their lives.

As individuals;
They realize their own worth. Their skills concerning literacy, numeracy and technology use improve. They start to express themselves effectively both orally and in writing. Their level of self-confidence and self-sufficiency increase. Their critical thinking and questioning skills improve. Their ability to access and use information improves.

In their relationships with immediate circle;
They realize the existence of social support mechanisms. They start better communicating with their family and immediate circle. Their awareness regarding inequalities increases. They are more involved in decisions within their family and immediate circle.

In the neighborhood and society;
Women learn about social services, and they develop skills to utilize these services. They start actively participating in society, and taking part in decision-making processes. Their awareness regarding social roles and structures increases. Their solidarity skills and skills enabling them to take steps towards joint ventures strengthen.

Women of different age groups participated in our program which we have been implementing for the last two years. Women between the ages of 25-30 form the majority of the groups. Therefore, the participants meet us at the beginning of their lives and in a period when they are open to a lot of changes.
Although many of our participants had previously worked in a revenue-generating job, they were generally outside of working life while attending the program.

At the end of our program, some of our participants took steps in the direction of working in a revenue-generating job or starting their own businesses.

It is very important that women can use modern means of communication in order to establish stronger ties with life. This is why, we have investigated the percentage of women owning tools like internet connection and smart phones.

At the end of the program, we saw that they started to use the internet more actively and efficently.
Graphics about Participants
Is there a computer and access to the Internet at home?
Neither of them is available
There is internet
There is a computer, but no internet
Both are available
Graphics about Participants
At the start of the program, did she have a revenue-generating job?
Graphics about Participants
Age distribution of women participating in the program:
94% of the participants are married and 97% have children.
Source: Yada Monitoring and Evaluation Report Spring 2018
Graphics about Participants
Educational status of the participants:
Primary School
Secondary School
Source: POWER Sessions
Fall 2017 Period Participant Profile Report AÇEV Internal Evaluation Report
I made plans to
continue my education.
I made a plan
to take a course.
I made plans
to get a job.
I have a plan to work as a volunteer
in a non-governmental organization.
I made plans to join the
parent-teacher association.
I made a plan to
get/improve a hobby.
I decided to do more
sports / exercise.
I decided to read more books,
newspapers, and magazines.
I decided to have
regular health checks.
I started using the
internet more often.
The number of people I am in
solidarity with has increased.